Annual Gardens

Annual gardens can brighten your exterior with beautiful flowers. Learn how to plan and plant annual gardens.


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The Sunflower is an annual North American flower in many colors. Its tall flowers grow as high as 15 feet. Sunflower seeds are a treat for birds and people. Learn about the sunflower.

Swan River Daisy

Swan River Daisy is an annual flower with blue, pink, white, and purple flowers, each one centered with either yellow or black. Find out more about this flower.

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea is an annual flower grown in cool maritime or mountain climates, and brings its beauty all summer. This vining plant is best in winter and early spring. Learn more about sweet pea.

Torenia, Wishbone Flower

Torenia, or wishbone flower, is an annual flower that thrives in shade and hot, humid weather. The blue flowers look a bit like open-faced snapdragons with prominent markings on the petals. Learn more about torenia.


Verbena is an annual flower known for being a garden treasure in areas where few other plants will grow. Some are trailing plants, others are great in rock gardens. Learn more about this flower.

Vinca, Madagascar Periwinkle

Vinca, or Madagascar periwinkle, is an annual flower that flowers constantly. This tropical plant stands up well to heat and humidity. Vinca flowers are divided, one to two inches in diameter. Learn about this flower.


Zinnia is an annual flower among the favorite in American garden flowers, loved for its sturdy and colorful blooms. Flowers come in almost every color except blue. Learn more about this flower.

Ageratum, Floss Flower

Ageratum are fluffy annual flowers that come in white, lavender-blue, and pink and are ideal for summer gardens and containers. Ageratum plants are covered with clusters of small, fuzzy blue flowers. Learn about floss flowers.

Amaranthus, Summer Poinsettia

Amaranthus, or summer poinsettia, is an annual plant capped with a swirling crown of hot-colored yellow and red leaves. The upper third of the plant eventually takes on red and yellow leaves. Learn about amaranthus.

Bachelor's Button, Cornflower

The bachelor's button is an annual that grows one to three feet tall with innumerable fluffy but trim round flowers held above the rather sparse, long and narrow gray-green leaves. Learn about this flower.

Wax Begonia, Fibrous Begonia

Wax begonia and fibrous begonia are annuals equally at home in full sun or full but bright shade. They have white, pink, rose, or red blossoms. Find out about these flowers.

Browallia, Sapphire Flower

Browallia, or sapphire flower, is an annual flower that blooms from spring to fall and year-round as window flowers. It's best in coastal gardens, but can grow as container plants. Learn about browallia.


Dahlia is a diverse annual flower, from huge, dinner-plate-size blooms to midget pompons only two inches in diameter. Dahlias grow from one to five feet tall. Learn more about dahlia.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is a type of annual that flowers for months, even through the winter. Although it grows only a few inches high, it spreads as much as a foot in diameter. Learn about this special type of mustard.

Annual Herbs

Herbs are useful for cooking, crafting, and decorating -- boldly coming out of the garden and into your home. Learn why annual herbs like basil are a mainstay of most herb gardens.

Annual Grasses and Foliage

Ornamental grasses and foliage add grace to any garden. With their array of colors, textures, and sizes, ornamental grasses add year-round interest. Learn about annual grasses and foliage you can use in your garden design.

White to Green Annual Flowers

Annuals are flowers that bloom the first year they are planted. In this article, learn about white to green annual flowers that can add some variety and color to your annual garden.

Dry Soil Annuals

All plants need water, but some do better in dry conditions than others. Learn which annuals can thrive in average to dry soil, but don't forget to give them the water they need.

Annuals for Average Soil

Most plants do well with an average amount of moisture in the soil -- not too much, not too little. In this article, you'll learn which annuals thrive in average soil.

Annuals for Moist Soil

While all plants need water, too much water can drown your plants. There are several annuals, however, that will thrive in wet conditions. Learn which annuals can tolerate moist soil.

Annuals Under 12 Inches

Annuals under 12 inches work well at the front of gardens and along borders, since they leave the taller plants behind them visible. Learn which annuals stay under 12 inches high.

Annuals 12-24 Inches

Many annuals reach a height of between 12 and 24 inches. These plants are very versatile and can be used in many garden areas. Learn which annuals reach this mid-range height.

Annuals Over 24 Inches

Annuals come in many heights, and a few grow to over 24 inches. These plants can provide a dramatic touch to your garden. Learn which annuals are taller and grow to over 24 inches high.

Pink to Fuchsia Annual Flowers

Annuals are primed to germinate quickly when conditions are right, grow speedily, and then make loads of flowers, fruits, roots, and seeds. Learn about pink to fuchsia annual flowers that can brighten up your garden.

Annuals for Part Shade

Many gardens have spots that are shady at least part of the time. The areas that get a mix of light and shade are perfect for planting partial shade annuals. Learn which annuals to use.







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