How Central Vacuum Systems Work

Maintenance and Installation

One of the most common questions when it comes to central vacuum systems is: Can I do-it-myself? The answer is yes. But these systems must be installed within the walls of your home, and that does imply a moderate degree of difficulty.

If you want to ensure the proper installation, it is probably best to have the professionals do it. But if you feel really confident about your DIY skills, many central vacuum manufacturers offer complete instructions and videos to help you with your installation. It's certainly possible to install the system yourself, but it's not a simple undertaking. See Central Vacuum Installation to get a taste of what it takes.


Central vacuum systems require little in the way of maintenance. Mainly, you must be diligent about emptying the dirt canister or replacing the bags. Also, you need to keep current on changing the filters. Remember, part of the benefit of central vacuuming is cleaner air, and you need a clean filter to obtain this benefit.

Now that you understand how central vacuum systems work, it's time to clean up! For more information on central vacuum systems and related topics, check out the links below.

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