Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage can be started inside, but later moved outside carefully. See more vegetable pictures.

Not surprisingly, the types of Chinese cabbage sound like items you could order at a Chinese restaurant -- such as Pak Choi and Michihli.

And while these cool-weather vegetables may not be quite as addictive as fried egg rolls or stir fry, they are just as delicious and can be grown fairly easily. In this article, we'll discuss growing and harvesting the different types of Chinese cabbage.

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About Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage is a hardy biennial that is grown as an annual. It has broad, thick, tender leaves with heavy midribs; it can be either loosely or tightly headed.

The plant grows 15 to 18 inches tall. The variety with a large compact heart is called celery cabbage, or Michihli.

Common Name: Chinese cabbage

Scientific Name: Brassica rapa; Pekinensis Group

: Very Hardy (will survive first frost)

In the next section, we'll show you how to grow Chinese cabbage.

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