5 Dorm Room Accessories You Really Do Need

Power Strip

Most dorms were built several decades ago, before the current technological era. Students plugged in a lamp, clock-radio and maybe a small fridge and TV, and that was about it. There were no laptops, no printers, no cell phones, no X-boxes, no i-anythings. Three-pronged cords weren't common, either. Many a student has arrived on campus, only to find she can't plug in half the devices she'd like to [source: College Bound]. Even if you brought a power strip, it's not uncommon for a computer component or other device to have an adaptor that covers several of the outlets in your strip, even though it's only using one -- and a lot of people don't think about that beforehand. So pack a few power strips, plus some plug adaptors and extension cords [source: The Dormitory].

Once you're in your room and determine how many power strips you'll need to use, double-check with your floor advisor to make sure it's OK. Sometimes only a certain number are allowed, and it may differ by dorm [source: The Dormitory].

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