Stain Removal Tools

Stain Removal Tools in Bucket Held by Gloved Hand
A stiff-bristled brushes are tools you might need for removing stains around the house. boonchai wedmakawand / Getty Images

­­In order to treat stains and spots as soon as they occur, you have to be prepared. You should always have on hand the cleaning supplies and household products appropriate for treating the stains likely to occur in your home. In addition to the solvents, bleaches, detergents, and chemicals you'll probably need, there are certain items you should have ready for a spot or stain catastrophe. The following are the basic tools used in treating most stains:

  • Clean white cotton cloths
  • Disposable diapers, white blotting paper or paper towels
  • Spoon, blunt knife, or spatula
  • Eyedropper, trigger spray bottle, or mister (the kind used for misting houseplants)
  • Small brush
  • Several colorfast weights

Stain Removal Agents

­Check through our stain removal articles for the stains that occur most frequently in your household. Read the treatment to find which of the following stain-removing agents you're most likely to need. Most are available at grocery stores, hardware stores, or pharmacies.


­­Stain Removal Safety

­­Stain removal tools can be toxic or flammable. Before handling them, be sure to read these­ important stain removal tool safety tips.