Deck Ideas

Craftsman Themes Find a Home

Used Courtesy of Western Wood Products Association Exposed beams and rafters, projecting eaves, and a simple but expressive use of wood shows the Craftsman influence in both the house and deck design.

The Craftsman style of architecture emerged in the early 1900s. It was a movement dedicated to bringing simplicity, beauty, and "honesty" to home-building through traditional craftsmanship and materials. It had its strongest following in the American West and produced both large and small houses of diverse design, including the familiar bungalow. This style sought to use wood expressively, exposing timbers and shaping and fitting them together in bold yet rhythmic lines.

Many Craftsman designs also took a comprehensive approach to the house and its surroundings, incorporating gardens and outdoor living areas as planned extensions of the home -- a common theme now but not widely practiced in other styles of the era.

Used Courtesy of Western Wood Products Association A Japanese feeling characterizes the deck and its pergola-style seating area. An emphasis on lines and a direct use of wood give the area a sense of serenity.

In addition, a keen interest in Japanese art and workmanship among artisans and architects brought a Japanese flavor to many of these designs. Drawing on principles honored by American and Japanese artisans, the style synthesized into a comfortable hybrid that characterizes a number of homes built in more recent years.

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