The pieris has evergreen leaves, but bursts into color when it flowers in the spring.

The pieris is a shrub that is attractive in every season, which explains its general popularity. The shrub is usually about six feet tall but can be taller when mature. This evergreen shrub has narrow, pointed leaves that are shiny all winter. New growth in spring may have distinctly red tones. The flowers are small and white to pink but occur in very showy, drooping clusters about five inches wide, early in spring. Flower buds are in evidence all fall and winter.

How to grow: Plant the pieris in well-drained, rich, somewhat acidic soil in bright partial shade. Prune after flowering and remove seed heads. Protect from high winds in winter.


Uses: A mainstay for foundation planting, the pieris has almost every landscape use in borders and as a background plant. It combines well with spring bulbs.

Scientific name: Pieris japonica


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