Designing and Installing a Backyard Shower

Backyard Shower: Finish the Floor

The last step before installing your shower head and faucets is finishing your outdoor shower floor. You don't have to finish the floor; you can use the simple broom finish on the concrete as described in the previous section of this article. Alternatively, you can get fancier and install tile on your outdoor shower floor.

Ceramic tile, slate tile -- all the same types of tiles mentioned earlier in this article will work for finishing the flooring. Be sure to select a non-skid surface, though. If you used stacked river rock for the back wall that houses the shower head and fixtures, you can match that wall nicely (and easily) with river rock flooring. You'll again adhere the river rock mesh sheets, which are often sold in 12-inch by 12-inch (30.4-centimeter by 30.4-centimeter) sizes, with thinset.

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