10 High-Tech Home Innovations

PlayStation Move

It wasn't that long ago when your kids were nagging you for the Nintendo Wii, the ultra-sophisticated 3-D game-playing console. The intuitive Wii had everyone bowling, golfing and playing tennis in the living room. All we had to do was pick up the wireless nunchuk and start swinging. Heck, even senior citizens got in to the game. Brace yourself for more nagging. This year, Sony introduced its own interactive 3-D game-playing system for its PlayStation 3. Sony engineers designed PlayStation Move with its own wireless wand. The basic Move package, which includes one controller and a sports game, costs $99.99. An additional controller retails for around $29.95. A review in The New York Times gives the PlayStation Move high marks for its sophistication and ease of movement [source: Schiesel]. Unlike Wii, the Move doesn't use batteries, so you're going to need a recharger for the wand. The recharger costs about $30.

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