10 Ways to Use Your Vertical Space


Use Modular Solutions

Just think of the custom possibilities.
Just think of the custom possibilities.

Modular storage offers the convenience of prefabricated construction with the flexibility of custom design. Although the most recognizable modular feature in most homes is wire shelving for closets, modular concepts can be employed all over the house. We like modular solutions because they're easy to install, and when you plan an installation carefully, it can really tailor the space to fit your unique needs. If you want to nestle a hat collection where it'll be safe until next Easter, stow a canoe or park a 50-pound bag of dog food you want to get up off the floor, you can find modular shelves, bins and dispensers to do it. They work well in the closet, garage, home office, storage shed, mudroom, attic and laundry room. You can find modular solutions that mount to a wall, suspend from a ceiling or hook over a door. They're an economical way to transform vertical spaces into useful spaces.