10 Ways to Use Your Vertical Space


Add Art

If you've ever installed a painting behind your sofa, you know that art is often displayed at eye level or slightly above or below. The idea of putting art in unexpected places, like elevating it to ceiling height or suspending it from the ceiling, is a bit unexpected. Art has the wonderful capacity to surprise and delight us, wherever it's displayed, so why not go for it? If you have more wall art than spaces to display it, hang it -- up. Hanging artwork near the ceiling, leaning it against a floating shelf, or even mounted pieces below waist height can grab the viewer's attention and make him see the real merit in that modern, traditional or folk art masterpiece. We like the idea of suspending framed stained glass pieces over little used windows and hanging coordinating framed prints in horizontal rows over tall headboards. Bare walls are no fun; give yours some character.