5 Scrapbook Room Ideas

Take back your kitchen table and set up your own scrapbook room.
Take back your kitchen table and set up your own scrapbook room.

You've just discovered a way to make your bedroom closet, dining room, mud room, garage, attic or other cubby into a dedicated scrapbooking area. You'll never buy another duplicate stamp or paper again because, finally, you're getting organized once and for all -- hallelujah! No more having to explain what all the bags are doing in the dining room or why the back seat of your car looks like Christmas week before the midnight wrapping marathon.

Your significant other doesn't understand why all the scrapbooking stuff is so important to you, but luckily that doesn't matter now. It's finally time to get your goodies in order and out of sight --where they won't inspire a lecture on conspicuous consumption.

Won't it be nice to carve out some much-needed work space for your scrapbooking and spend more time creating than searching for glue? If you've ever run to the kitchen for a fork or butter knife because you couldn't find the tool you needed, today is a red letter day -- because honey, you're getting a scrapbooking room! Don't let yourself get sidetracked. Having a dedicated scrapbook room is like having a secret bank account. Every girl deserves an indulgent pursuit of her very own, and this one's yours.