5 Scrapbook Room Ideas


Be Flexible With Pegboard

Chances are you have some pegboard panels in your garage holding up a few home improvement tools or gardening supplies. It's a man cave staple you can repurpose easily. Pegboard is made from either particle board or plastic. It's a panel consisting of regularly spaced holes that work with different hooks to suspend objects like pliers, scissors, tape, ribbon, glue guns and rulers. Specialty hooks also support small buckets or bins that can corral items like pens, thread and buttons.

Using pegboard is one effective way to exploit the vertical storage in your scrapbooking room. You can buy pegboard organizer kits complete with mounting hardware, or you can just purchase precut sections of pegboard like the ones your dad relied on. If you don't like the look of bare pegboard, prime and paint it any color that suits your decor.