How to Arrange Furniture

Many homeowners become overwhelmed when presented with bare rooms and with all the possibilities for arranging their furniture. They may just stand in the middle of the room, shake their heads and throw up their hands not knowing where to start. An integral part of making your home feel comfortable is the way you arrange your furniture. You don't need a professional interior designer to show you how to arrange your furniture. You can do it by yourself. Just follow the helpful guidelines in this article and make your home look warm and inviting.

  • Start with an empty room. Take all the furniture and boxes out of the room so you can see the exact shape and size.
  • Choose a focal point and arrange your furniture around that point. The focal point is the central position from where the furniture design will flow. The focal point draws one's attention.
  • Create a balance between heavy pieces of furniture and light ones. Don't put all the furniture against the wall.
  • Don't place furniture where it blocks the paths of entry and exits or obstructs the opening of drawers.
  • Start with one large piece of furniture. Place the bed in the bedroom first, the couch in the living room first, the table in the dining room first. You can then see how much space you have left for the other furniture.
  • Don't clutter the room with furniture.
  • Place items requiring electricity near outlets.
  • Don't put high pieces of furniture, such as a bookcase, in front of a light switch.
  • Group your furniture by placing similar pieces together. For example, place the sofa opposite the focal point (e.g. the fireplace), and place a cocktail table in front of it. You can place a couple of comfortable chairs alongside the sofa and around a coffee table [sources: Lifestyle, Home Guides].