How Home Dry Cleaning Works

Home Dry Cleaning Kits

There are three home dry cleaning kits currently available for purchase in most grocery and discount stores:

All of these kits promise to clean and/or freshen dry-clean-only or hand-wash-only fabrics without using any of the industrial solvents used by dry cleaners. The basic steps involved in these kits mirror those of commercial dry cleaning, sans immersion in a solvent and specialized machinery:

  1. Pre-treat clothing to remove stains.
  2. Dry clean clothing.
  3. Iron and reshape clothing and make repairs if necessary.

Kit Components

Each of these home dry cleaning kits contains the same components:

  • Stain remover and/or stain absorbing pads
  • Dryer activated cloth
  • Reusable dryer bag

We will explore each of these components and their uses in detail in the next sections.