How Home Dry Cleaning Works

Finishing Touches

Your dryer cycle has finished, and you've hung your still-warm clothes up to make the wrinkles fall out. What happens next?

Just like a professional dry cleaner, you now have to inspect your clothes to see how well they turned out. There are several things to look for and try to correct. They include:

  • Wrinkles - A professional cleaner will steam press your clothes if they are misshapen following their solvent bath. If you find wrinkles after home dry cleaning, you'll need to iron them yourself.
  • Loose buttons and ripped seams - You may need to fix any buttons that are in danger of falling off, or fix any seams where the thread has unraveled.
  • Remaining stains - Professional cleaners will do post spotting to try to get rid of any stains that remain after cleaning. Your options are to either clean them again with the kit or take them to a professional dry cleaner.