Tips for Grouting Tile

Grouting Floor Tile

To grout floor tile, grout the tile joints only after the mortar of the new tile floor has set, which will take two to three days. Take away any spacers you've placed and sweep or vacuum the floor as needed. If the manufacturer suggests doing so, use a presealer before you begin grouting. Wearing safety equipment, mix the grout in small batches that you can use it within a half hour. After that, it will be too stiff to use. Dont add water to soften the grout; just toss it.

Begin grouting in a corner and work toward the center. Spread the face of the tile with grout, then use a squeegee or rubber grout float to force it into every joint. Remove extra grout from the tile surface [source:].

About 15 to 20 minutes after you've applied the grout, it will be dry enough to begin cleaning the floor. Carefully wipe all extra grouting from the tile face, using a sponge and bucket filled with clean water. Remember to refresh the water often [source:].

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