How Home Floor Plans Work

Mobile Home Floor Plans

Ah, life on the road. Maybe this is a concept that appeals to you. Being with the ones you love, choosing to pick up and move to a new area without having to pack or house-hunt. You simply lock all the doors and windows and drive your home to the new destination. But a home this versatile calls for some pretty­ hefty planning.

With mobile homes, contractors and owners are dealing with many more constrictions than with a site-built home. They have to fit everything into small quarters. Now, sure, some of the huge recreational vehicles don't seem too cramped, but everything still has to fit and be very space-efficient.

Besides accounting for the limited size of a mobile home, the planners need to build a sturdy foundation and support system that allows for tires and a gas tank, not to mention on-the-go plumbing. Instead of planning for water pipes to drain into sewers and septic tanks, they must plan small tanks within the home that the owners can easily drain or clean. They must allow for hookups to electrical outlets and water lines so these moving homes can be complete.

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