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Painting Stripes

Whether thin or thick, stripes painted on a wall or other surface can create a unique look. Find out how to give any room a stroke of character with this home improvement article.

Painting Stencils

Stenciling is one of the oldest and easiest decorative painting techniques. Learn about painting stencils in this helpful article.

Painting Cleanup

Cleaning up is an important step with any painting project. Learn about painting cleanup, including cleaning painting equipment, in this article.

How to Paint Safely

Paint is a combination of chemicals, and requires careful handling and proper precautions. Learn tips on how to paint safely in this article.

Identifying Paint Problems

By identifying paint problems, you can prevent them from recurring with your new painting project. Learn to spot various problems with this article.

Removing Old Paint

Check out this home improvement article for tips on removing old paint by using such techniques as scraping, sanding, and others.

Exterior Painting Preparation

Learn all about exterior painting preparation, which includes removing light fixtures and other accessories, in this home improvement article.

Painting Exteriors

A new coat of paint tells the world that your house is new and valuable. Learn the basics of painting exteriors, from repairing and cleaning surfaces to applying paint on siding and trim.

Painting Interiors

To change the look and feel of a room, you can't go wrong with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're just changing the trim or are overhauling the whole color scheme of a room, paint makes an immediate, significant difference. Find detailed instructions and tips in this article.

Exterior Paints

A given type of paint works on certain surface, and should be applied with particular tools. Learn about the different kinds of exterior paints. Discover the type of exterior paint that's right for you.

Interior Paints

If you're thinking of painting or repainting a room inside your home, you should consider what type of paint you need even before deciding on a color. Check out our descriptions of various paint types and how they are used.

Interior Painting Preparation

Before you begin to paint, it's best to have a clean, flawless surface. Learn about interior painting preparation, and how to wash and make repairs to get a surface ready for paint.

House Painting

Remodeling is an ordeal and landscaping takes a good deal of time. Painting your house is a quick way to update it and make it feel new again. Llearn about specific paint types, using the proper tools, and using different painting techniques.

House Painting Tools

It's important to have the right tools to paint your house properly. Your choice of paint and the type of wall you have will determine which brushes and tools will give you the result you want.

Room Painting Techniques

Different painting tools require different approaches to create the best paint job. Learn the proper room painting techniques for painting a room. These mothods also include safety instructions to help you avoid injury.

Latex Paint

Latex paints have many benefits that include the ability to dry very quickly and they are easy to clean. Learn about latex paints with this helpful article.

Alkyd Resin Paint

Alkyd resin paint works well for trim, doors, and other high-traffic areas. Find out more about this interior paint in this helpful article.

Rubberbase Paint

Although expensive and strong smelling, rubberbase paint is great for concrete and brick. Learn more about this type of paint with the help of this article.

Textured Paint

If you're after a finish that looks like stucco, or if you want an effective cover-up for flawed surfaces, textured-surface paint will do the job. Learn more about this interior paint in this article.

Dripless Paint

Ideal for ceilings, dripless paint is an alkyd resin paint that is known for its thickness. Learn about dripless paint here.

One-Coat Paint

"One-coat paints" are a huge time saver when it comes to painting a room, kitchen or bathroom. Find out how to make sure what is advertised as a "one-coat paint" truly is, with the help of this article.

Acoustic Paint

Acoustic paint is designed for use on acoustical tiles that help prevent sound waves from leaving a room. Learn more about this unique interior paint in this article.


Using a primer is an important first step for most interior paint projects. Find out how to choose the right primer and more in this home improvement article.

How to Paint a House

Painting the outside of your house is a major job. But you may be able to spiff up the appearance of your home with some quick repairs. Learn how to paint the exterior of your house.

How to Paint a Room

Painting can be a task that takes a couple of hours, a half day, or more. Whatever the size of your painting job, the techniques remain the same. Learn how to paint a room.