How to Drywall

An inexperienced home repairman can fix drywall, even replacing large sections.

Drywall is an interior building material with a core of gypsum that can stand up to a great deal of stress and abuse. It's low expense and ease of use make it simple enough for the average do-it-yourselfer, and drywall has largely replaced plaster for walls in homes and offices.

The previews below will introduce you to instructions on working with drywall. You will discover how to put up drywall in your own home, for both walls and ceilings. You will also learn how to make repairs in existing drywall, patching up holes both large and small.


Here are articles explaining how to drywall:

How to Install Drywall

The flexibility of drywall makes it ideal for creating walls and ceilings in a new home or for dividing existing spaces into brand-new rooms. This article will explain how to put drywall in place and tape the joints to create a seamless surface.

Drywall Repair

Drywall is a surprisingly durable material, but eventually even drywall is going to suffer some damage. Fortunately, drywall repairs are easy to do, whether it's a small patch job or the replacement of an entire section. Learn to repair holes in drywall.

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