4 Simple Step-by-Step Upholstery Tips

Ask a Pro

Some furniture pieces require professional upholstering-if your piece is completely covered in fabric or has upholstered seat backs, an expert should handle the project. Consider these smart tips and tricks when handing over your furniture:

Look for an upholsterer that comes highly recommended. If professional decorators and designers frequent the business, it's likely a good choice. Once you find an upholsterer, observe samples of his or her work. Look closely at the showroom pieces, examining the edges for clean lines and straight piping. Once you have chosen an upholsterer, discuss your project in detail-talk about the vision you have for the piece and bring fabric swatches to support your ideas.

Upholstering is a simple and special way to bring a unique, personalized d├ęcor piece into your home. Whether it's an armchair that's been passed down for generations or a one-of-a-kind heirloom textile, mixing the old with the new deepens your home design and enriches your space's personality.