Faux Stucco Wall Treatment

faux stucco wallcoverings project
Bring the textured look of stucco indoors without all the mess.

In this Miami home, Robert gave the plain walls dimension and sophistication with a faux stucco wall treatment. You too can have this aged, authentic look with this surprisingly simple technique.



  • Two colors of flat latex paint
  • rollers & paint brushes
  • water
  • mixing buckets
  • joint compound and a trowel.


  1. For Mimi and Colin's bedroom, Robert beautified the room with a salmon and pink combination, but you can choose any two colors of paint that you wish. However, layering a light and a darker tone of the same color will give the illusion of shadow and depth. Once you have prepped your walls, paint your base color (preferably the lighter shade) and let dry.
  2. Once your walls are dry throughout, you are ready to mix your faux stucco mixture. Using your base coat paint, mix equal parts water and paint. To this watery paint combination add two parts joint compound mixture. Because joint compound comes in dry form it clumps easily so make sure to mix thoroughly. Repeat this process for your second color of paint in a separate bucket.
  3. Joint compound dries fairly quickly, so you may need a friend to help. Load your trowel with the darker stucco mixture and apply in random and thin layers on the wall. There's no wrong way to apply it, so have fun. While this first layer is still wet, apply thin layers of the lighter stucco mixture using the same technique. Layering while the compound is still drying will create a blending effect.
  4. The compound will set quickly, but make sure it is completely dry before hanging any decorations on the walls. With minimal effort and a little imagination, you can transform any lifeless wall into a three-dimensional work of art.