5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Metal

Copper pots that need a good cleaning.
Copper pots that need a good cleaning.
©iStockphoto.com/Nathan Reeder

Cleaning the counter, washing the dishes and scrubbing the oven? Easy peasy. Getting the tarnish off those copper-bottomed pots, though? How about peeling the wax off the silver candlesticks?

Kitchen cleaning typically comes to a halt when you get to the tricky metal faucet and stained metal pans, but it doesn't have to. These tasks can seem intimidating because some metal surfaces have a reputation for being difficult to clean.

We've got a few simple tricks up our sleeves that even Grandma would approve of for the way they make silver shine. Follow our easy cleaning tips, and your kitchen will be singing to a whole new tune of clean. First, let's tackle those copper-bottomed pots and pans.