5 Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair


Take the DIY Approach

Diligent housekeepers have come up with lots of ways to gather up wayward pet hair. Some are more effective than others, though. Here are a few you might want to try:

  • Lint pick-up rollers -- You know those adhesive rollers designed to remove lint from clothing? They're pretty effective at removing pet hair from furniture and draperies. They're economical, and replacement sticky rolls are available for standard-sized wands. You can buy them in bulk, too.
  • Rubber glove scrub -- This hands-on method relies on rubber gloves and water. Put the gloves on and moisten them with a spritz of water. Wipe the hair laden areas in your home and watch the hair come up like magic. Rinse the gloves in a bucket of water as needed. A variation of this method uses a dense sponge instead of gloves.
  • Dryer sheets -- Static clean sheets applied directly to furniture can also help release hair from fabric, but they may leave a shiny residue. Test an inconspicuous area before using this suggestion on your furniture, carpeting or draperies. Instead of a softener sheet, you can use a little liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle filled with water. Spritz and wipe.
  • The lazy sock method -- If you find mounds of pet hair on your kitchen floor in the morning or when you get home from work, "skate" around your kitchen while wearing athletic socks (or get your kids to do it). The advantage of using this trick is that it doesn't stir up the hair like vacuuming or sweeping can. It's also a fast chore you can perform before meal prep that will keep pet hair from becoming an ingredient in your recipes.