How to Clean Candle Wax From Glass

For the meticulous homeowner, candles are objects to be feared. The wax drips onto furniture and holders, leaving residue and marks. But, fear not, there are simple, fast techniques that you can use to clean the stickiest wax from your glass pieces. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can clean candle wax from glass.

  • Freezing the wax An easy and effortless way to get wax off your glass votive holders is to place the glass in the freezer. Leave it in there for approximately an hour. When you pull the votive holders out, the wax will pop right off [source: Beeswax Candle Company].
  • Melting the wax Boiling water is another easy solution to get wax off of your candle holders. Immerse the holders in a bowl of boiling hot water. By the time the water is lukewarm, the wax will have melted off of the glass piece [source: Beeswax Candle Company].
  • Scraping the wax Remove wax from glass table tops by taking a sharp razorblade or window scraper and grazing just underneath the wax puddle. Be careful not to hurt yourself or make scratches in the glass surface. Clean off any waxy residue left behind with a warm cloth or window cleaning solution [source: Heloise].

Remember if you are prone to dripping wax on your holders and furniture, you might want to consider using white candles. The white wax doesn't have dye that will leave marks behind. Also, cheaper candles are more likely to drip their petroleum-based wax. The higher quality candles you buy, the less candle wax you will have to remove from your glass holders and furniture [source: Beeswax Candle Company].