How to Clean Servingware

Cleaning Glassware

Most glassware can be safely washed in the dishwasher, but gilt- and silver-trim glass, delicate crystal, milk glass, and ornamental glass must be washed by hand. If you have soft water, wash all glassware by hand -- the combination of soft water and detergent will etch and permanently dull glassware.

  • Before you wash glassware, cushion the bottom of the sink with a towel or rubber mat.
  • Add vinegar to the wash water or rinse water for more sparkle; ammonia in the wash water will cut grease on glassware.
  • Slowly slide stemware into the water, holding the glass by the base; if you push a glass into the water bottom first, it is likely to crack. ©2006 Publications International, Ltd. Hold the base of a glass when submerging it in water.
  • Remove dirt from crevices with a soft brush; remove stains by rubbing with a cut lemon or washing in a vinegar solution.
  • Allow glassware to drip-dry upside down, or polish with a soft cloth.
  • Clean stained decanters by filling them with water and adding 1 cup ammonia or vinegar. Soak overnight.

Follow the guidelines and suggestions in this article, and your guests will be impressed not only with the food on their plates but with the plates themselves.

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