How to Clean Window Coverings

Cleaning Curtains

Carefully read all the care labels attached to new curtains, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning.  Otherwise, here are some tips for cleaning curtains:

  • Using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, regularly go over curtain panels for quick cleaning.

  • Vacuum curtains to remove excess dust before washing. Remove curtain rings and clips unless they are permanently attached.

  • Fiberglass curtains should always be hand-washed and never dry-cleaned, but you must wear rubber gloves when washing them to protect your hands from glass filaments. Do not wash fiberglass in a washing machine.

  • Handle cotton curtains gently if they have been hanging in a sunny window; sunlight may have weakened the fabric.

  • Machine-wash sheers, open weave, and other delicate fabrics in a mesh bag, or hand-wash so that the fabric does not stretch or tear.

  • Use curtain stretchers for drying lace or net curtains; if they need to be pressed, iron curtains before they are completely dry.

Cleaning draperies can be a breeze if you follow the tips and guidelines in the next section.