How to Organize an Attic

A good organization scheme can give you lots more storage space in your attic.
A good organization scheme can give you lots more storage space in your attic.
Gary Buss/Taxi/Getty Images

Whether you're the most organized person or you just pick up from time to time, many people have a difficult time keeping the attic clean and organized. It can be one of the greatest storage spaces, but it can also very easily become a disaster area.

Luckily, it's not too difficult to get your attic into shape so that everything you need is accessible and you won't trip over loose items each time you go up there. Whether you're just looking for new tips to keep up with your storage space or you need to do a complete overhaul of your attic, there are techniques that can change the way you look at storage.

When you decide to rearrange your attic, the job can seem daunting -- you may have boxes that you haven't touched since you moved in. And if you didn't start out with a discernable organization system, chances are your attic now is full of unmarked boxes and bins. The first thing you need to do is set a realistic goal for when you want to have your attic organized. It's unlikely to be a one-day project, so you may need to break it up into several sessions over a month [source: Novak].

Once you've set a timeframe for your attic organization project, it's time to dive in. But before you can start cleaning and developing a new shelving system, you need to know exactly what you have on hand. The best starting point when organizing your attic is taking inventory [source: Ewer]. Once you know what's in your attic, you can start making decisions on what you need and how to keep it properly stored.

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