How to Organize Kids' Toys

Sorting Kids' Toys

Now that you know what's in the playroom, it's time to start organizing. The best way to begin this process is to sort toys into easy-to-manage groups -- this will provide the basis for your playroom's organizational system. Once this framework is in place, it's easy for most children to follow it.

Begin by sorting toys by genre. Keep your children's dress-up clothes and accessories together, and sort all crayons, craft supplies and drawing paper into another group. You can't have too many groups: Just base your system on your children's toy needs. Once everything is sorted, you can come up with "play zones" in the room. For example, you might set up a craft table and keep the art supplies close to it. Costumes and accessories can go in their own trunk next to a mirror. Blocks and other building toys can all go together in an area with enough empty floor space to build. Children can move toys around during playtime, but it's always clear where things go when it's time to put them away. [source: Parenting].

You can also sort toys into groups by how often they're used. If there are certain toys your kids play with every day, be sure those are stored in easy-to-reach areas. That way, your kids won't have to tear apart the playroom to find their favorite toys [source: Gaulin].

Once you have everything sorted, you'll probably find more than a few things you want to throw out. Read on for tips on how to decide what to keep.