How to Build a Portable Recording Booth

A portable, soundproofed recording booth is basically a box or booth that is soundproofed to absorb any outside noise and preserve only what is said or sung inside the box. Since it's portable, you can move the booth wherever you want and record whatever you'd like. Simply follow the instructions below to build your own portable recording booth.

  1. Find a cardboard box, which is large enough to accommodate your microphone, microphone stand and laptop.
  2. Buy a few yards (meters) of foam cushion. This will be used to soundproof the box. You can also use foam from a deep, foam cushion.
  3. Glue the foam to the inside of the box. Leave the bottom without foam. (This is where you'll put your microphone and laptop.) There should be no other exposed spots.
  4. Place the box on a table and plug in the microphone. You can make a small hole in the back wall of the box to thread the microphone cord through. This way the cord won't clutter up your work area.
  5. Pull up a chair and get as close as possible to the box. You're now ready to record. [sources: Improve Your Music, Soundproofing]