How to Make Your Attic More Than an Attic

Attic Refinishing Tips

Before you make any big decisions about remodeling your attic, you're going to need to think about not only what you want, but what options will work in your space. Consider the following points:

Make sure your attic is capable of a remodel. Check your tresses. If they form a "W" shape, they may be too difficult to remodel around or bring in extra costs. You're looking for the "A" shape that won't interfere nearly as much [source: Remodeling Center].

What does your house already have to offer? If you're going to need to add in a stairway, you need to consider how much space you lose from lower levels. Stairways take up a lot of space.

Building permits require inspections, and inspection order is often dictated by the officials. Check the order of yours as you may want to consider it when planning your remodeling schedule [source: Fritschen].

If the sloping roof meets the walls at an awkwardly low point for the user, you may want to plan for wall to be placed farther in. This will decrease the room size, but you can use the area between the new wall and the existing wall as storage, which will likely be much more useful than having area of the room too low to walk in [source: Fritschen]. Plus, some areas have height codes; this is a useful way to meet them [source: Remodeling Center].

You'll need some control over the temperature, so plan on adding in insulation and windows. The windows will not only add in some greatly appreciated light, but they'll act as great vents in warmer months.

Remember that the rest of the house will be affected by this project as well, so plan accordingly. Adding a staircase will take up space and disturb your living spaces. So will the process of running wires and piping. Construction will have to start on the lower levels and work up [source: Sulski].

What do you want to do with your attic space? Create a home office, a bedroom or a studio? Read on to find out more about some specific ideas.