How to Build a Lamp

Lamps are simple but essential lighting elements, and because of their simplicity, they can come in almost any form. A lamp adds light, but it can also add a stylish statement to the table or bedside where it is placed.

You can create a perfectly customized lighting look when you make a lamp yourself. Did you know that almost any household container -- from wine bottles to baskets to mason jars -- can be used to create a lamp? If you select a clear container, you can fill it with shells or marbles or even holiday candy for a seasonal accent.

Changing the shade on a lamp is another way to give it a whole new look, and this can be done with little expense when you select fabric and create a slipcover for an old lamp shade. Whether you're ready to change your lamps a lot or a little, this article has just the information you need.

On the next page you'll learn how to transform an ordinary container into an uniquely stylish lamp.

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