How to Choose the Right Lawnmower

Lawn Mower Attachments

Lawn mower attachments are additional tools that can be used to enhance the performance of your mower while it's in use. These add-ons include baggers that collect cut grass, snow chains for better grip in inclement weather and hitches for using all kinds of attachments. Other examples include mow aerator tread attachments -- spikes that go on riding mowers' wheels to help aerate your lawn and keep it healthy -- and stripe kits for creating a ballpark finish on lawns.

Lawn mower accessories do the same sorts of things for walk-behind mowers, but they don't always attach to the mower during use. They include grass catchers that attach to the back of the mower, plastic gas line tubes, ignition kits, starter handle and cord and much more.


So, where do you go to get lawn mower attachments or accessories?

Having an established relationship with a one-stop-shop can be much more convenient than searching around town every time you need something new for your mower. If you think you'll need attachments or accessories throughout the life of your lawn mower, it's recommended to buy your machine from a retailer or dealer that sells these add-ons.

Dealerships that have a service department are ideal if you don't want to hassle with maintaining your mower on your own. Just take your mower in, and they'll do all the work. But if getting the best pricing is more important to you, check out non-servicing dealerships, which tend to be less expensive. Generally, dealerships have a better selection of mower brands and better prices than chain stores.

If you love a good deal, purchasing a used mower may offer you the savings you're looking for. Whether you hit up garage sales, Craigslist or a store that sells pre-owned mowers, keep in mind replacement parts can be harder to find for used mowers.

Whatever kind of lawn mower you decide to buy, make sure the model you want isn't on a current recall list. If it's in good standing, you can make this purchase in good conscience. Happy mowing!

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