How to Put Up a Party Tent

There is no more welcoming place for a birthday, anniversary or graduation party than your own home. If the weather's right, you should consider revamping your backyard and holding the party outside. Party tents help localize the guests and eliminate any fear of rain. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you can put up a party tent.

  1. Choose a proper location Before renting or buying a party tent, go outside and survey the area where you want to throw the party. Measure the area so you can order the right sized tent. It's best to put up a tent on a soft surface, such as grass or sand. As well, ensure that the ground is fairly level so that the tent remains straight and secure [source: Betty Mills].
  2. Lay out the tarp Get an idea of where to plant the tent's poles and stakes by laying out the tarp on the ground with the outside facing up. Place rocks or markers around the perimeter to mark where you will stick the poles.
  3. Assemble the frame. Follow the instructions provided and assemble the frame. Attach the roof to the tent, and then attach the legs to the frame [source: Betty Mills].
  4. Attach the tarp Throw the tarp over the poles that you have just erected. You may need some help to ensure that the tarp is tightly pulled over every corner.
  5. Fortify the tent Tie the tarp to stakes in the ground. This will prevent the tarp from coming off the poles, and will ensure that the tarp stays put throughout the party. Your tent will most likely come with straps or strings attached to the tarp for just this purpose [source: portable shelter shops].