How to Use a Pool Vacuum

Using a pool vacuum makes the task of cleaning the floor of the pool easy, by suctioning up all the dirt. There are two kinds of pool vacuum cleaners you can choose, a manual one or an automatic one. In this article we will deal with the manual type. A pool vacuum consists of a vacuum head, a vacuum hose and a telescopic pole [source: de Fontenay]. Let's continue now and learn how to use a pool vacuum.

  • Attach the vacuum head to one end of the telescopic pole. This allows you to move the vacuum head around the bottom of the pool. There should be a clear place on the top of the head where you attach it to the pole.
  • Attach one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head.
  • Hold the pole in your hand and lower the vacuum head into the pool, along with the hose. Make sure the other end of the hose is outside the pool.
  • Locate the filter skimmer (where the water enters the pool) on the wall of the pool.
  • Plug the other end of the hose into the water intake nozzle. This will send water through the hose. You'll see air bubbles rising from the vacuum head. Once the hose is full of water, no bubbles will come out. At this point, suction will have been created and the head will be flat and tight on the pool floor.
  • Switch the filter nozzle to the intake mode (sucking water in) and then guide the vacuum head, using the telescopic pole, along the floor. You will see the dirt get sucked in.
  • Disconnect the hose from the filter when you're done [source: Pleasure Pools].