10 Stones to Use in Your Hardscape


Thin Veneer Stone

Thin veneer stones can come from a variety of different stones, including fieldstone, limestone and sandstone.
Thin veneer stones can come from a variety of different stones, including fieldstone, limestone and sandstone.
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Much like gravel, veneer stone can be made from different types of stone. It's still a natural stone product, though it's specially cut for use on the face of a structure. A thin veneer stone is simply cut thinner to allow for more stone coverage and a similar look with less stone used [source: Buechel Stone]. "Many stone blends can now be supplied in a thin veneer and adhered to a wall foundation in lieu of a full thick stone material that requires a structural support ledge," says Roehrig.

Fieldstone, limestone and sandstone are all common stones used to create thin veneer [sources: Stoneyard.com, Buechel Stone, Roehrig].

In a yard setting, thin veneer stones have many uses. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are two potential applications for thin veneer stones. Certain manufacturers are now making the shells of fireplaces and outdoor cabinets to specifications needed for covering the products with thin veneer stones [sources: First, Irwin Stone].

Whether you choose to use stone to create an outdoor kitchen area or as an accent in your garden, the wide variety within this natural material allows for a great deal of personalization to create the perfect look for the hardscaping in your outdoor space.

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