How to Plan a Rock Garden

A rock garden can also incorporate bursts of color. See more pictures of famous gardens.

A rock garden is more than just a haphazard pile of rocks. It requires adequate planning, an appropriate selection of rocks, and careful placing of stones. Your goal is to re-create, albeit in miniature, a natural mountain slope in your own yard. In this article, we'll explore all aspects of rock gardens, including how to plan a rock garden, building a rock garden and how to ­­care for a rock garden.

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There are as many reasons for building a rock garden as there are people who want to build them. Rockeries are an easy and unique way to reduce lawn are on a hard-to-mow slope. They can re-create a piece of nature in the back yard. They can add an element of movement to an excessively flat landscape. They make an ideal site for a collection of delicate alpine plants and are also perfect for highlighting less delicate but tiny plants that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Fortunately, a properly designed rock garden requires little care. Most rock garden plants are drought tolerant, need little fertilizer, and rarely require any pruning. The only main task is weeding, and this can be reduced to a minimum by making sure all perennial weeds are removed from both the site and any soil being added before starting the rock garden.

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