How to Design a Garden around a Pond

People typically have ponds in their yards because they like to keep fish and frogs in them, and because they want to attract beautiful butterflies and birds. The ponds are often not very large, but nevertheless add some very nice scenery to the garden. When you plan the landscape design around your pond, make sure that it will provide the natural habitat for the birds, frogs and other animals that will be attracted to the pond [source: USDA]. Here are some things you should know and consider when designing a garden around a pond.

  • Have the garden around the pond look as natural as possible. Plant flowers and trees that will complement the surroundings of the pond.
  • Plant plants between the rocks of the pond, as well as around the pond.
  • Plant moss-type plants as well as creeping plants around the pond. These will grow over the rocks.
  • Take care not to plant trees or shrubs that will grow too high right next to the pond. You don't want to detract from the impact of the pond. Rather, plant small plants near the pond that will contrast with any vegetation on the water, as well as with the water's greenish color.
  • Don't block the view of the pond from your house. It's a good idea to plant shrubs and small trees as a background to your view of the pond from your house.
  • Hide your pond's filter or pump by planting shrubs around it [source: Aquascape].