Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping requires creativity, a sense of design and a lot of knowledge on plants, soil and irrigation. Professional landscaping involves manual labor, but the landscape design and the landscape architecture are the major components.


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Should you plant daylilies in your garden?

The daylily is a lovely perennial that gets its name from the fact that its bloom lasts for only one day. Learn more about daylilies from this article.

What types of perennial plants thrive in the Southeast?

Perennials, as the name implies, return season after season, so they’ll be in your garden for quite a while. Learn more about the ideal Southeast perennial in this article.

Should you use ornamental grasses in your landscape design?

Due to growing concern over the negative impact that the maintenance of manicured lawns has had on the environment, ornamental grasses have become a desired alternative. Learn about the uses of ornamental grasses in your landscape design.

Does your lawn need to breathe?

All plants grow better in aerated soil, which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate more easily. Find out about aerating your lawn in this article.

What is agroforestry?

As we have become increasingly aware of the negative environmental impact of some of our lifestyle choices, agroforestry has grown in popularity. Learn more about agroforestry in this article.

What types of annual plants thrive in the South?

Begonias, cosmos, marigolds, pansies and petunias thrive in the South. Learn what types of annual plants thrive in the South in this article.

What types of perennial plants thrive in the Midwest?

To thrive in the Midwest, perennials need to survive the winter. Learn more about the hardy plants that can bring year-round beauty to your Midwestern garden in this article.

Should you plant peonies in your garden?

If you're looking for a perennial that's hardy, long-lasting, colorful and easy to care for, the peony is a definite contender. Find out more about the plant that the Chinese call "most beautiful" in this article.

10 Stones to Use in Your Hardscape

An outdoor fireplace, a decorative gravel path or a charmingly rugged stone wall can dramatically change a backyard. We have 10 of some of the most popular stones you can use in your hardscape.

Top 10 Perennials for the Midwest

Landscaping in the Midwest can be a lot of work. To minimize the effort and cost of tending to your garden, install any of these 10 perennials.

Top 5 Perennials in the Southeast

Want to add color, greenery and life to your yard without having to do loads of gardening work year after year? These five popular perennials could be just what you -- and your garden -- need.

Top 5 Perennials for the South

While there are many perennials that will thrive in gardens throughout the southern United States, this article looks at the five most popular perennials of the South.

Top 5 Perennials of the West

There is perhaps nothing more delightful than the first signs of spring. Once the first green buds of a new year arrive, the cycle begins, and everything seems fresh and shiny again.

Top 5 Annuals for the Southeast

If you're wondering what annuals will thrive best in the Southeastern region of the United States, you've come to the right place.

Top 5 Annuals for the West

So you've got full sunlight, lots of butterflies -- and limited precipitation. What's a gardener in an arid climate to do? Find out.

Top 5 Annuals in the Midwest

Looking for a lot of color and variety in your garden that you can change year after year? Any or all of the annuals discussed in this article could be just what you're looking to find.

Top 5 Annuals for the South

If you're looking to have a little fun brightening up your landscaping, sunroom or garden, planting annuals is a relatively easy and effective approach that offers satisfaction for the gardening novice and expert alike.

10 Perennials for the Northeast

Gardening in the Northeastern United States presents its own unique set of challenges. These obstacles can be especially troublesome when trying to plant perennials, or plants that have to survive the long winters and renew themselves every year.

5 Annuals for the Northeast

Following the last frost, the Northeast has a climate that's agreeable to a number of beautiful annuals. The most popular of these will come as no surprise to those who spend a good amount of time in their gardens.

Is there a benefit to crabgrass?

Crabgrass is like a bully on a playground, pushing weaker kids out of the way and taking over the jungle gym. Your first instinct may be to remove the offending grass away from other plants. But in the right setting, crabgrass does have its purpose.

How Monkeypod Trees Work

The name may sound a little strange, but monkeypod trees are actually beautiful shade trees that can grow to enormous dimensions. So what does that have to do with monkeys, anyway?

Top 10 Winter Plants

Whether they're blooming through a crust of snow or showing off their vivid colors while temperatures drop, hardy plants are thriving as the winter rolls in. And these 10 will make you want to dig that green thumb into the snow.

How to Build a Pond

The yard should be a relaxing place where you can go after a long day of work and enjoy a bit of nature. Unfortunately, your backyard is anything but relaxing. Building a pond may be just the thing to bring serenity to you.

10 Unexpected Garden Decorations

Garden decor is one of those areas where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The fiercely trimmed lawns and clipped hedges of the 1950s have given way to a new interpretation of the garden as an area for self-expression.

How to Keep a Lawn Green in a Drought

No one wants to see their beautiful lawn wither up in a drought. But how do you keep grass green without breaking watering bans? Is the trick in how the grass is planted, or in how it's maintained?