Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping requires creativity, a sense of design and a lot of knowledge on plants, soil and irrigation. Professional landscaping involves manual labor, but the landscape design and the landscape architecture are the major components.


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How to Prune Lilac Bushes

Your unruly lilac bush needs pruning, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to prune lilac bushes in this article.

How to Cut Down a Tree

There is a dying maple tree in your back yard and you'd love to cut it down. Learn about how to cut down a tree from this article.

Should you use limestone in my hardscape design?

You need to consider a variety of factors when designing your hardscape and deciding which type of stone to use. Learn about using limestone in your hardscape design in this article.

Are there benefits to using native plants in landscape design?

One reason for the growing popularity of using native plants in landscape design is that it’s a way to offset the effects of bio-invasion.

What are hardiness zones?

Hardiness zones divide the map of the U.S. into temperature zones to give you a guideline of what plants might thrive in your area. Learn about the zones and how they're divided in this article.

What is a rock garden?

A rock garden is a great way to show off your more delicate plants. Learn more about rock gardens in this article.

Should you use thin veneer stone in your hardscape design?

Thin veneer stone is available in a wide range of natural looks. Learn more about using thin veneer stone in your hardscape design.

What is aeroponics?

Growers who want to have high plant yields can now use a soil-free low-water growing system. Learn more about aeroponics in this article.

How do you lay a good foundation for your rock garden?

Rock gardens are a great idea if you want to draw attention to certain understated flowers. You can learn more about designing a rock garden from this article.

Could aeroponics be used in space?

Recent advances in agricultural technology have made growing food in space a realistic possibility. You can learn more about aeroponics from this article.

Can you plant flowers in a rock garden?

Although it may take some time and patience, there are flowers that will thrive in your particular rock garden.

Is it possible to farm fish and crops at the same time?

Fish and plants can grow together in a mutually beneficial cycle. Learn how use can set up your own aquaponics system in this article.

Can you use aquaponics in my home?

Aquaponics is a food growing system that integrates fish and plants so that they both benefit from each other's waste products. Learn more about how you can use aquaponics for your garden in this article.

What are the main permaculture design principles?

Permaculture design is more than just a fancy way of describing self-sustaining agriculture. Learn more about permaculture design from this article.

What's urban permaculture?

By using urban permaculture design principles we can help create a more sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about urban permaculture in this article.

What can you do to make your landscape design dog-friendly?

By paying attention to your dog’s set of behaviors, you’ll be able to design a backyard that is uniquely suited to your best friend’s habits.

What can you do to make your landscape design cat-friendly?

Even indoor cats can benefit from some time outdoors. You can learn more cat-friendly landscape design ideas from this article.

What are the principles behind agroforestry?

As the green movement has become more popular, people have begun to pay closer attention to management systems that could potentially replenish some of our planet’s natural resources. Learn more about agroforestry from this article.

What are green landscaping materials?

As global climate change wreaks havoc on the environment, green landscaping is one proven way to tend to your lawn in an eco-friendly manner. Learn more about green landscaping materials in this article.

Is there more than one type of marigold?

Though there are hybrids, the predominant natural species of marigolds are African and French. Learn about the different types of marigolds in this article.

What types of annual plants thrive in the Midwest?

Due to the extreme changes in weather, as well as the dry air and cold winters in the Midwest, it can be a challenge to plant flowers in this part of the United States. Learn about annuals that thrive in the Midwest from this article.

Can your landscape design help you lower your cooling and heating costs?

Landscaping isn't only about beautifying your home and adding to its worth. Learn how your garden can cut heating and cooling bills in this article.

Can your landscape design help you control drifting snow?

With a little thought and planning you can grow yourself a snow fence that will block some of the snow that would otherwise drift into your yard. Learn more about how to control drifting snow in this article.

How can you incorporate solar power into your landscape design?

Make your garden an asset after dark as well as during the day by adding solar lights. Learn about the advantages of solar lighting in your yard in this article.

Are hibiscus plants only found in exotic climates?

Although the hibiscus is a perennial flower with a reputation for growing in exotic locales, it’s actually possible to grow certain varieties of this plant in the Midwest. Learn more about hibiscus from this article.