Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping requires creativity, a sense of design and a lot of knowledge on plants, soil and irrigation. Professional landscaping involves manual labor, but the landscape design and the landscape architecture are the major components.


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How to Attract Butterflies to a Backyard

Most people wouldn't mind having a few butterflies floating through their garden, but the delicate insects are notoriously hard to attract. How do you build a garden that nourishes butterflies through all four life stages?

How Aquaponics Works

When fish live in tanks, their waste builds up in the water. But what is one living thing's sewage is another living thing's savory meal. Can crops be cultivated on fish feces?

How Aeroponics Works

Aeroponics is a deceptively simple growing method that uses very little water and no soil. As counterintuitive as that may seem, aeroponics has yielded more crops in less space and in less time than traditional methods.

5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger

You could find the perfect plant or tree to make your garden look larger. However, you might be surprised to find your problem isn't your landscaper. It's your brain.

Top 5 Fall Plants

Fall can be a little depressing, but you can plant these lovely fall blooms for a rejuvenating burst of color and scent. With a little planning, you can create a vibrant garden to help you survive the winter doldrums.

How Regional Gardening Works

By selecting flora that harmonizes with the climate conditions of the region in which you live, you don't have to engage in an uphill struggle to force unwilling, exotic plants to thrive in your garden.

How to Clear Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is the dreaded scourge of many a summer camper, hiker and even Batman. Once it makes contact with sensitive skin, a telltale blistery rash can wreak havoc on the body. So how do you get rid of this backyard bully?

How to Conserve Water While Still Keeping a Beautiful Garden

These days, we're all trying to do our part to conserve water. But even if you've cut your shower time down from 15 minutes to five, you could still be committing a water sin in your garden. How can you keep your petunias perky with less water?

How Lawn Tillers Work

A green lawn is a nice place to sip iced tea, relax in a hammock, bird watch. But to get to that magazine-worthy turf, you first need to till the soil. Here's how.

What's the most low-maintenance way to landscape?

Backyard maintenance can be time-consuming, back-breaking work. Believe it not, you can save yourself lots of time and energy with a little study and some planning.

How to Green Up Your Landscaping

It seems sort of redundant -- green landscaping. But, believe it or not, your yard and the way you keep it can hurt the environment. What can you do to green it up?

10 Cheap Ways to Landscape

Some home and garden experts recommend spending between 5 and 15 percent of your home's value to landscape your yard. Well, we've got 10 tips to keep your landscaping budget in check -- and to ensure a lush, lively lawn.

How Arborists Work

Trees are an important part of the Earth's ecosystem, and they do a lot for people. So what kind of people take care of trees? Arborists are a tree's best friend.

What kind of yard never needs mowing?

What kind of yard never needs to be mowed? The kind that doesn't have plants. You can fill your yard with AstroTurf or attractive greenery instead.

Why do lawns need to be aerated?

It looks violent and involves spiky tools that seem straight out of the Mad Max movies, but lawns love aeration. Do you know how to let your little patch of green breathe?

Which trees hold up best during a natural disaster?

There's a fable that compares the strength of an oak to the flexibility of a willow. The willow weathers the storm because it bends with the wind. But if you live in a storm-prone area, what type of tree should you plant in your yard?

What's the most pet-friendly way to landscape?

Tired of holes and doggie paths in your backyard? It's surprisingly easy to landscape your yard for Fido's benefit. Of course, you might be banned from your own yard, but it's worth the risk.

How Hardscaping Works

Imagine you're in a garden with a verdant ground that is punctuated by flowers and two pebble paths. When delicate flowers intersect with inanimate, structural objects, there are hardscaping design principles at work

What are ornamental grasses?

Substituting turf grass for ornamental grasses gives you more options than tidy green: Zebra grass stems have gold striped, blooming pink Muhly grasses look like giant puffs of cotton candy and Indian grasses sport proud cream plumes.

Why landscape with native plants?

You wouldn't plant a banana tree in Wisconsin, would you? Or if you did, you'd expect to give it a lot of tender love and care -- it's far too exotic to thrive on its own. Sometimes, it just makes sense to work with what the natural landscape offers.

How to Build a Rock Garden

How much water does a rock need to grow? That's a trick question. If your thumb isn't exactly green but you love the idea of having a manicured outdoor space, a rock garden might fit the bill.

How Irrigation Lines Work

Irrigation lines can bring your farm or garden alive, but you may have to troubleshoot a few problems along the way. What do you do if compacted soil, coyotes or cold weather messes up your system?

Is a backyard putting green considered landscaping?

Is a backyard putting green considered landscaping? Of course it is, but this landscaping project could be trouble if you don't do your homework.

How Agroforestry Works

The green movement is becoming more and more popular, gaining momentum daily. And there are many popular systems and programs that can help restore some of Earth's depleted resources. Agroforestry is one practice that does just that.

How do landscapers analyze sites?

If you're trying to improve your property, you may cringe at the thought of anything as complicated as a landscape analysis. Can't you just plant some flowers and be done with it? Why start with a landscape analysis? Find out.