How to Choose a Home Energy Monitor

Effective But Not Over-the-Top: Whole-House Power Monitors

This approach takes a wider look at your home's energy use.

Devices that monitor whole home energy use are called power monitors. You can enter information about the devices you want to monitor as well as information about your energy bills, and the monitor will let you know how much electricity your home is using and what that is costing you. The Home Joule plugs into an outlet and combines your home energy consumption rate with info about your local utility costs, time of day, and weather to tell you if you're using too much energy. There is also the Power2Save, which hooks up to the electrical panel of your home and displays how much your current electricity use is costing. Switch off a light, see the cost go down. And a newer device on the market is the Black & Decker Power Monitor, which uses a wireless sensor next to the meter to feed information to a portable monitor inside your home. You can use it to find out the best times to switch devices, appliances, and lights off for the most savings.

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