Home Innovations

Keeping up with the Jones' has never been easier with all the new gadgets and gizmos out there. Check out this home innovations section and you'll be way ahead of the pack.

A robotic apartment that transforms tiny spaces into an office space, living room or bedroom upon command is finally making its way to market.

What's a smart community: a neighborhood chock-full of smart homes or really brainy folks? We explore the somewhat nebulous definition of this concept -- and how it's playing out in reality -- in this article.

You care not only about your generation but generations to come, so you want to make environmentally-conscious decisions. We’re here to help. Follow these tips and you’ll soon have the most sustainable home possible.

Have you ever watched those old advertising videos from the '50s and '60s demonstrating futuristic home technologies? They're a hoot, but you have to wonder: How come those innovations didn't pan out?

What if your thermostat could gather information about your climate and lifestyle, and then program itself to maximize your comfort and save energy? The Nest aims to do just that, but is it worth the cost?

Looking for a fun project to take on this weekend? Looking to improve your skills with solar? Learn more about the 7 great weekend solar power projects.

Build a hydrogen fuel cell in your kitchen. Learn more about how to build a hydrogen fuel cell in your kitchen.

Build a solar power generator for under $300. In this article, learn about how to build a solar power generator for under $300.

I love it when people make things just to see if they can, especially alternative energy projects. Learn more about photovoltaic panels.

How to choose a home energy monitor. In this article, learn how to choose a home energy monitor.

Wool carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas, and they're relatively easy to clean. But that doesn't mean they won't stain. So, what do you do?

Just like your favorite wool sweater, hot water will shrink your wool carpet until it pulls away from the wall. So, how do you clean it without water?

Corning keeps mum on the products that use its super-tough Gorilla Glass. Apple is notorious for keeping quiet about its products as well. Which makes people wonder -- are the two working together?

In this day and age of green living and energy efficiency, the type of insulation you choose for your home can make all the difference. So, what's the best? We'll tell you.

Water generators have been around for a long time, but they use a lot of energy. Enter the atmospheric water generator, cleaning your water one drop at a time.

Atmospheric water generators can help you save on energy costs, but there are a few catches. We'll tell you what they are.

If your energy bill is out of control, investing in extra attic insulation is an easy step toward savings. But what type is most energy efficient?

Infrared grilling introduces less hot air and more radiating heat to food than traditional grills. But are they really better? Stronger? Faster?

You can't flush and forget with a composting bucket toilet, but you can rest easy knowing you're turning a dangerous waste product into something potentially beneficial. But what are the logistics, and how do composting toilets differ from latrines?

Do you love your jeans so much that you want them to stay in your house forever and ever? Then you're going to love denim insulation, the blue way to go green.