Pickerel Rush

By: C. Colston Burrell
Pickerel rush is a tall flower that quickly forms dense clumps.

The pickerel rush is a native of North America but is widely planted the world over for its decorative effect. Several color variations are available.

 Description of pickerel rush: The pickerel rush bears shiny olive green spearhead-shape leaves above 2- to 3-foot stems. It quickly forms dense clumps. The spike-shape blue flower clusters begin to bloom in early summer and last until fall. Ease of care of pickerel rush: Easy.


Growing pickerel rush: Plant two or three clusters together in a large container for the best effect. This plant does equally well in full sun or partial shade. Its roots should be covered with 2 to 12 inches of water. Move it to the deepest part of the pool during the winter.

Propagating pickerel rush: By division.

Uses for pickerel rush: Pickerel rush makes a striking specimen plant for medium to large gardens, but it can be a bit overbearing in a small one. The flowers last well when cut.

Related varieties of pickerel rush: Blue to mauve or purple varieties are most common, but white-flowered pickerel rushes are also available.

Scientific name of pickerel rush: Pontederia cordata


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