5 Advantages of a Townhouse

Have the Neighbors Keep Tabs on You

For seniors or anyone who is, as Ms. Rogers so delicately put it, "medically fragile," having a Nosy Nellie listening at the wall isn't so bad for those folks, either. "There can be a real advantage to having neighbors close by, while not being in a 'retirement home,' and still having the advantage of building equity," she noted.

There's a lot to be said for less yard maintenance, on-site exercise and laundry facilities and knowing all your neighbors when you've had a little mishap. Or a big mishap. However big your mishaps tend to be, townhouses mean there is likely someone around most of the time to help you.

That works for frequent travelers, too. Alert your immediate neighbors and the resident Nosy Nellie that you'll be out of town for a month and they'll keep an eye and ear out for your place. And when you get back, the yard won't be a weedy mess. But it would be nice if you brought a little trinket for Nellie. She does so much for the community. Maybe a nicer crystal glass to put between her ear and the wall?

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