10 Deed Restrictions That Could Ruin Your Dream Home


Obstructing a Neighbor's View

Property owners can get very touchy when a new neighbor comes in and plans on putting up a three story house that completely obliterates views from surrounding homes' front porches, back decks, bedroom windows, etc. So, homeowners often have mutual agreements not to build any structures that obstruct existing views. Often written in as deed restrictions, these agreements may have been in place for decades, and stipulate that the view must be exactly the same as it was when the agreement was signed. Such agreements are especially popular in vacation destinations and resort areas, where that view of the mountains or the beach is considered very important. But even seemingly mundane views like distant mountains or neighborhood lakes and golf courses could be protected. It can be very difficult to build a house on one of these deed-restricted lots, since the restriction might affect how high or wide you can build your home, or even where you can situate it on the property [source: Rossi, et al].