10 Deed Restrictions That Could Ruin Your Dream Home


Approving Plans

Builders, developers or homeowner's associations will often write into deed restrictions that they have the authority to approve plans for any renovations, additions or new builds on a property [source: Snell]. Since this authority is written into the deed restrictions, it can apply many years after the last new house is built in a certain development. So depending on how much a neighborhood tries to keep houses uniform, and how much your dream house varies from that style, you could have trouble getting those plans approved by the powers that be. Developers or HOAs can be very strict about those standards, down to the building materials used and the architectural style [source: Fambrough]. So, that deed-restricted neighborhood full of Victorian houses might not be the place for your sleek modern design. If you go ahead building the house without approval of the plans, you could end up paying damages, and an injunction could even force you to make changes to the house to conform with the standards you chose to ignore [source: Fambrough].