10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes to Live In

10012 -- New York, N.Y.
It takes big bucks to be in the heart of the Big Apple.
It takes big bucks to be in the heart of the Big Apple.

Three of the 10 most expensive ZIP codes fall in the heart of New York City: Manhattan. The 10012 ZIP code is home to two of the trendiest neighborhoods in the world -- Greenwich Village and SoHo -- and boasts a median home price of $3.2 million [source: Forbes].

Covering part of Greenwich Village, 10012 is home to New York University. SoHo, or "South of Houston Street" is a once-industrial neighborhood made famous for its arts scene. In the 1960s and '70s, artists began taking up shop in the area's large, abandoned manufacturing buildings [source: Barr]. Known for its historical cast-iron architecture, SoHo has become a popular, upscale shopping destination in recent decades. Like Greenwich Village, gentrification and the idea of a vibrant arts scene have sent home values skyrocketing. Who doesn't want to live in one of the coolest parts of The Capital of the World?

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