Top 10 Cities for Families

Is your home in a family-friendly city? See more real estate pictures.
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Home is where the heart is for sure, but in these uncertain economic times, home might turn out to be where the jobs are, too. When we set out to choose 10 great family-friendly cities, some of the things we looked for on our list of candidates included low unemployment, low crime and reasonable home and living costs. Other things, like great schools, a green vibe (lots of parks and outdoor activities) and growth potential were part of the equation, too.

There were some standouts that didn't have all of these features, but we thought they exhibited such superior qualities in other areas that they were worthy of a mention anyway. You'll see why. So, put on your traveling shoes. From the mountains to the prairies -- or was it the oceans? -- let's renew our faith in what makes the United States great by exploring 10 superior cities that any family would be happy to call home.