10 Benefits of Short Sale over Foreclosure


It can offer the seller peace of mind.

Going through a short sale is less stressful than a foreclosure, and it will leave you in a better financial position.
Going through a short sale is less stressful than a foreclosure, and it will leave you in a better financial position.

Real estate transactions generate a whirlwind of activity between the buyer and the seller, and they're often stressful by nature. But they don't compare to the pressure that a homeowner is under during a foreclosure. The major credit hit, the drawn-out legal process and the overall stigma attached to foreclosure can be quite unnerving [source: Foreclosure Questions].

Short sales are not exactly risk-free when it comes to the seller's credit, and they won't completely diminish the financial implications when homeowners are unable to pay for a home that they purchased. But a short sale will open the door to solutions for homeowners that can allow them to avoid legal action and the lengthy, laborious foreclosure process.

Short sales can leave homeowners in a much more positive position, lessen their financial burden and salvage their credit to a degree. A short sale can provide "light at the end of the tunnel" to homeowners and offer them a platform from which to start rebuilding financially [source: Foreclosure Questions].

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